Webinar Library

Introducing the All New Solea Sleep
Anthony Bolamperti, DDS
Yooson Kim, DMD

Transforming Your Practice with Solea
Timothy Anderson, DDS

Eliminate the Noise, Needle, and Numbness with the Solea® All-Tissue Laser
Taylor Stephens, DDS

Solea Practices - Past, Present, & Future
Dr. Jeffrey Rohde, DDS
Dr. Matthew Wimmer, DMD
Dr. Renee Kurtz, DMD
Dr. Mark Ligocki, DDS

How Solea Provides Exceptional Clinical Outcomes and Patient Experience
Lawrence Kotlow, DDS

Panel Discussion with Canadian Solea Users
Yooson Kim, DMD
Christopher Blair, DDS
Jason Harvey, DMD
Isaac Tam, DMD

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